Thursday, November 3, 2011


We were ALL excited and waiting to finally see our little brother get home from his mission. My parents were able to go and pick him up in Peru and stay for about a week and a half. He looks really good and has changed a lot. Can't wait to hear him report Thanksgiving weekend.

All the grand kids running up to Jay. My mom by him and my dad in the background capturing the exciting moment!

Welcome home sign!

Playing in cubbies while we wait!
All but one sister and her family weren't able to come.

Maddox's first time meeting his Uncle Jay!
Family pic with Jay! (don't mind my slouching)

October.........What a Busy Month!

For Halloween this year I threw out the idea of being pirates and the girls loved the idea so that is what we went for. I wanted to have something easy for Dale, since he would have to dress them for some of our Halloween events. We first had our Trunk-or-Treat in the middle of October. I was sad that I wasn't able to be there the whole time due to a boutique, but I did get there towards the end. We don't have very many pics of that. I didn't want the kids to miss it since they weren't able to go trick-or-treating this year because their Uncle Jay was coming home off his mission on Halloween night. They didn't seem to care though. They were so excited to see him! (another post)
The girls got to dress up for dance, gymnastics (not much), school. I was kind of happy not to have to dress them up on Halloween night. I was kind of tired of it.

My three little Pirates!
Although I think Sadie could of been a vampire!
Her poor teeth. She sits and plays with her loose teeth until they come out. She will NOT let us touch them. But that is ok with me!

Looking so grown up here!
Looking so sweet and little Savanna!
Little man Pirate!
Getting ready to go to gymnastics. They were allowed to wear something. So Halloween leg warmers is just about the only thing they could wear for that. Sadie was being a zombie in this picture!
Sassy Girl! But I love this pose of hers.
This is a famous pose of these girls. Don't really know why but it seems like it is in almost every picture on here.
Minnie Mouse for dance class!
Fun at Kids Club!

For school they got to dress up as a story book character. This is what Sadie wanted to be....Belle!

Man, October has been so so busy. Lots of stuff going on! I have been so busy with boutiques and getting things ready for them. I still had time to have some fun though. People always ask how I do it with these boutiques. Don't worry my kids always come first. It's when they are asleep I can get these things done.

Vertuccio Farms

Each year we try to go to a pumpkin patch and this year we went to Vertuccio Farms. It was fun and the kids loved it. Lots of things to do. They did not want to go home. We did everything there except the corn maze because it was to dark.

Savanna 4, Maddox 20 months and Sadie 15, I mean 6!
Maddox couldn't get enough of this place. Running around everywhere. Playing in the dirt and seeing all of the animals.

Big jumping balloon. Maddox loved his sisters bouncing him.
It did look like a lot of fun!

Sadie didn't want to get off.
Highlight of Maddox's night!


And... milking a cow!
We had a fun family night!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Look Who Turned 4!

Savanna turned 4 on October 9th and we celebrated her party on her b-day last Sunday. I decided to just keep it simple and do a little family party with the family who lived close by. She wanted a barbie party. She is obsessed with barbies right now and doing their hair.
Maddox trying to get away with one of her toys....
Maddox had to have a cupcake before the singing started, he just couldn't wait.
It took her a few try's to blow her candles out but she got them all out by herself.....

My little 4 year old.... she reminds me that she is 4 now just about every day.
She didn't waste any time opening presents. Her sister happily helped her. Notice the pink sign on the wall...Sadie made her a few b-day decorations. That sign said presents on it. I didn't get pics of the others. What would I do without her help.


The girls are both in soccer this year and they are having a lot of fun playing on Saturday mornings.
These are pictures of their second game that was last Saturday. They both scored two goals and their game yesterday Savanna scored 4 goals and Sadie scored 2. They are making their daddy very proud.....
The picture above is Savanna scoring a goal.
She is not afraid to get in the middle of all the kids and get the ball. It is funny to watch her. If somebody pushes her she will give them the dirtiest look.

Sadie scoring her first goal.... She wasn't excited about playing soccer but now loves it.